Morien Clarifies Misleading Media Reports and Recent Events at the Donkin Mine

April 2, 2020 – Halifax, Nova Scotia – Morien Resources Corp. (“Morien” or the “Company”) (TSXV:MOX), wishes to set the record straight and caution investors regarding misleading statements recently published by various Canadian media outlets in regard to an announcement by Kameron Collieries ULC (“Kameron”), owner of the Donkin Coal Mine (“Donkin”, or the “Mine”) in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

On Monday, March 30, 2020, Kameron announced that it has ceased production operations at the Donkin Mine due to adverse geological conditions. Since that announcement, the Canadian Press, the CBC and allNovaScotia have made pronouncements that the Mine has been closed “permanently”. Additionally, Halifax’s Chronical Herald made an initial report (since corrected) that the Donkin Mine was “for sale”.

Investors should be aware that these pronouncements are inaccurate in describing the current situation at Donkin. It is important for investors to know that none of the materials provided by Kameron nor spoken by Kameron representatives mentioned the words “permanently” or “for sale”.

State of Operations at Donkin

The description of the state of operations at Donkin does not lend itself to one or two words. Since commencing production in February 2017, there have been 12 incidences where material has fallen from the ceiling (roof) of certain sections of the tunnel operations. These occurrences are very common to underground coal mining operations. In Donkin’s case, all of the roof falls occurred in areas where the risk was already identified by Kameron, and precautionary measures had been taken. That is the reason why no one has been injured from a roof fall at Donkin. Following the last roof fall on February 13, 2020, a Kameron spokesman said – “the miners are trained to identify signs of [rock] stress. This wasn’t a sudden event. There were signs of this.”

From 2016 when the Mine development and tunnel refurbishment started, to the end of 2018, Kameron’s mine injury rate has been 75% less than the U.S. national underground coal mine injury rate, and none of those injuries were related to a roof fall. In 2018, Nova Scotia saw 5,314 Time Loss Claims across 19 sectors, with Donkin only accounting or 0.06% of those claims.

When roof falls occur, best practices have the operator (Kameron) and the provincial regulator (Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education – “NS LAE”) work jointly to assess the cause and determine the appropriate remediation procedures. This procedure has been applied before and will continue to be applied should any future events arise.

The most recent rock falls in February took place in an area where a localized zone of roof geology differed from the typical rock strata of the mine in that it was weaker. Work subsequently stopped in that area of the Mine. Following standard procedure, Kameron and NS LAE jointly commenced an assessment of this area of adverse geology with a plan to devise a remediation program for this specific zone and any other future similar occurrences.

The Donkin Mine is the first underground coal mine to operate in Nova Scotia since 2001. As such, NS LAE has been working with the outside assistance of experts from the U.S. Mining Safety and Health Administration (“MSHA”) to provide it with advanced expertise to properly assess any revisions to Kameron’s ground control procedures at the Mine. According to MSHA, who have toured the Mine in the past, Kameron’s previous roof control procedures at Donkin “actually exceeded industry best practices for safety.”

However, following the latest February roof falls, as a result of Covid-19 related travel restrictions, MSHA consultants have yet to be available to assess the geology in the area of the roof falls, Kameron’s ground control procedures and provide NS LAE with advice.

Mine safety is of paramount importance to all. The assessment and prospective resolution of the adverse geology at Donkin will take substantial efforts by the NS LAE, MSHA experts, Kameron and other professionals in this field.

This process will take some time as the utmost care, caution and expertise must be deployed. It would not be accurate to categorize the time to conduct these steps as short or to say that Donkin is “temporarily” suspended.

However, it is highly inaccurate to state Donkin is “permanently” closed and “for sale”. Permanent closure brings the removal of mining equipment and the sealing of the tunnels. None of that is happening at Donkin. Until such time as the analysis has been completed and decisions have been made, one cannot apply the “permanent closure” label to Donkin operations, and subsequent to Kameron’s media statement to idle the operation, it has publicly stated the Mine is “not for sale.”

Morien will provide additional information on the Donkin Mine as it becomes available.

Dawson Brisco (CEO and President) and John Budreski (Executive Chairman) would be pleased to discuss these matters with investors by way of emails or at the phone numbers
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